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Global Technical function: Grant funding

SEASERA - Funding core article

The SEASERA ERA NET is a grant funding mechanism that combines various financial instruments supported by national partners.

Within SEASERA framework, european participating countries launch common calls for proposals concerning marine and maritime research, aiming at strengthening marine research throughout Europe.

SEASERA focuses on three areas:

  • To enabling the delivery of an integrated European marine and maritime research, technology and innovation strategy.
  • To building cross-sectorial, multinational and interdisciplinary research partnerships; fostering co-operation between research, industry and other stakeholders to enhance knowledge, technology transfer and innovation.
  • To development scientific and technological capacity to bolster knowledge economy; planning, investment and shared use of critical infrastructures on a Europe-wide basis.

Financial support takes the form of public grant total funding for Basic Research. The technology readiness levels covered by SEASERA are 1, 2, and 3 on the TRL scale.

The proposal must involve a minimum of three research groups from at least three funding countries. There is no limitation in the number of participating members. Depending on the type of activity, applicants can be granted up to 100%. 

SEASERA member states

The list of European participating regions is provided below:

The information on the INNOVATIONSEEDS platform can be used provided that the source is acknowledged.
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