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Global Technical function: Equity funding

Venture capital firms - Funding core article

Venture capital firms aim at providing equity funding at all stages of product/service development, i.e. corresponding to technology readiness levels 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the TRL scale. They aim at providing venture capital for development,demonstration and commercial exploitation

There are four types of venture capital markets: (i) organised venture capital, (ii) informal venture capital, (iii) subsidiary organisations and (iv) business angels. These four types are detailed below:

  1. organised venture capital: investment management is supplied by specialised intermediaries. Their core activity consists in raising money from individuals and institutions, identifying investment opportunities, structuring and executing business deals with entrepreneurial teams and monitoring investments in order to achieve proper returns on their capital. They typically become members of the managing board, while retaining important economic rights, and allow funding high risk and high growth ventures.
  2. informal venture capital: securities are sold to institutional investors or accredited individuals. Here, the investors do not participate in negotiating the investment deals and are not involved in the management of the company either. Insiders remain the sole investors.
  3. subsidiary organisations (i.e. firms, banks, finance groups, large industrial corporations): the purpose of such entities is to back their mother organisation by achieving extra benefits. In behaving in such a way, they outsource new growth instead of relying on internal development.
  4. business angels: they are experienced individuals and invest from 50 to 500 k€ in high risk start-ups. They take substantial ownership stakes as well as active commitments in advising the company.

The list of venture capital firms provides the features of each entity, i.e. a summary presentation of the organisation, potential beneficiaries of the funding, collaboration required when necessary, topics covered, contribution amount, geographical focus (corresponding mainly to the list of European member states and/or the list of associated countries) and contact details.

List of European venture capital firms

The list of venture capital firms is provided below. Each funding sheet details the main features of an organisation.

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