Connecting SMEs for a green economy


In light of global challenges, such as climate change and demography, transition to green economies seems to be an urgent necessity. Uptake of green practices by businesses and the private sector is of major importance. SMEs tend to be more innovative, flexible and diverse than their larger counterparts in industry and account for 99% of European businesses, but uptake of eco-innovation by them is still limited.

GreenEcoNet's mission is to develop the first Europe-wide platform for SMEs and research communities in order to accelerate the transition to green economies. The network is promoting sustainable practices by connecting SMEs and the research community.

Its main focus is raising awareness, disseminating results as well as the uptake of green business practices across Europe and its platform is the instrument for it. The GreenEcoNet platform provides many interesting features:

  1. the Forum, where discussion takes place on various aspects of eco-innovation
  2. the Solution part, which allows for featuring the eco-innovations as such, representing an enormous spectrum of technologies, processes and products.
  3. the Blog, that helps direct interaction
  4. the Tool section, which offers a couple of practical instruments for the users.


SMEs are invited to present their original eco-innovative solution on the webpage, sharing it with the community!