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Newsletter May 2015

May 2015
INNOVATIONSEEDS platform offers even more than four libraries of eco-innovation best practice cases!

With this new edition of our newsletter we want to thank you for accompanying us through the greenXpo project, which is the base of the INNOVATIONSEEDS portal as you know it today. We are happy to announce that this platform is about to grow further even if the greenXpo project is reaching its end. We will keep you posted during the next editions of the newsletter about the development of the platform.

For the time being, we want to feed your curiosity: you might have asked yourself how it would look like to put all best practice cases from the four eco-innovation libraries on one map? The good news is: we did it for you! We also analysed the sub-areas of technologies and services, which find the highest interest of innovators. 
Did you guess that more than 80% of the technology cases listed in the libraries have a T(echnology) R(eadyness) L(evel) of 9 or above? For non-technology cases almost 40% of policy, network or service cases reach the G(eneric) M(aturity) L(evel) 9 or above, demonstrating the practice-readiness and high transferability of the cases. 
If you want to read more about policy recommendations which evolve from our in-depth case studies, please be invited to read through our documents, available on the website without charge. Just log-in to get access to these documents being mentioned as place holders for many more practice relevant results from our work.
Independently from these premium materials for our active users, the knowledge portal provides tailor-made information on all main aspects of eco-innovation as usual. Enjoy a tour there, get some new ideas from the latest articles before joining our LinkedIn group or following us on Twitter to become an inspiring part of this unique eco-innovation community.


Procurement of Eco-Innovative Catering – INNOCAT
INNOCAT – Procurement of Eco-Innovative Catering, aims to encourage responsible purchasing by bringing together a group of public and private buyers to publish a series of tenders for eco-innovative catering products and services.
Greenxpo articleASEIC, the ASEM Eco-Innovation Centre for SMEs
ASEIC was founded as a support to business instrument in ASEM[1] countries to bring about innovation in corporate strategy and products through eco-innovation while developing global green growth opportunities. Through advisory services, dissemination of information, and communications, ASEIC serves as a point of convergence for ASEM governments and SMEs in need of green transitions.
Greenxpo articleINNEON (Eco-innovation for Investment Network)
INNEON is a network for eco-innovation investment. It aims to foster public and private funding for eco-innovation and social business in Europe by linking up innovative entrepreneurs and relevant investors. The network is providing consultancy and coaching for selected entrepreneurs, an online matchmaking platform for innovators and investors, networking events and more.





11 - 12 June 2015
Brighton, UK

The Eco Technology Show 2015

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15 - 17 June 2015
A Coruña, Spain

8th International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management

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17 - 19 June 2015
Nottingham, UK

Product Lifetimes And The Environment (PLATE)

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 6419747th FWP