Working for Water South Africa

The Government of South Africa provided grant funding for the removal of invasive plant species that were negatively impacting the environment and water supply. A nationwide public works programme helped clear one million hectares of land, contributing to a more sustainable water cycle and increased protection of biodiversity. The measure also contributed to economic and social development.

South Africa - Municipal Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management

In order to shore up energy supply following national shortages and blackouts, the Government of South Africa introduced a series of measures promoting energy efficiency. One scheme – the Municipal Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management – is providing investment subsidies to municipalities to carry out energy efficiency interventions including more efficient traffic signals and street lighting.

Recycling waste tyres in South Africa

In South Africa, the recycling rate for vehicle tyres increased from 4% to 60% in the space of 3 years after the implementation of a new waste management plan. A new circular economy strategy was developed, whereby used tyres were collected from dealers, brought to dedicated depots, and then transported to processing plants for recycling. All activities were funded by introducing a tax instrument that placed a levy on all new tyres.