Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program

To reduce the city’s carbon footprint Tokyo, Japan, has implemented an emission trading system targeting large commercial and industrial buildings. By setting regulatory requirement for facilities to reduce their energy demand, the programme has successfully cut emissions by 20% in eligible buildings while also raising consumer awareness about energy efficiency in buildings. The cap-and-trade model allows company to buy and sell emission allowances incentivising the most cost effective interventions.

Eco-point incentive program In Japan

So as to encourage individuals to promote sustainable practices and environmentally conscious actions, an eco-point program implemented in Japan granted points to citizens taking environment-friendly actions. The campaign boosted the replacement demand in electronics stores, as consumers flock to accumulate Eco-points on purchases of eco-friendly home appliances.

Smart delivery of cost efficient hydrogen - SPERA

Chiyoda Corporation, an engineering company in Japan, proposed the global hydrogen supply chain concept by liquid organic hydrogen carrier with Toluene /Methylcyclohexane system. In this method, hydrogen is fixed to toluene with the hydrogenation reaction and converted into SPERA Hydrogen, which can be transported by chemical tanker at the normal atmospheric temperature.

Use of life cycle assessment and index for recyclability tools to achieve sustainable production throughout Renault’s vehicle value chain.

Renault, an auto manufacturer in France and Japan, uses a range of management tools to systematically optimise sustainable production at each stage of its product lifecycle. 

Top Runner Program – energy efficiency improvements by making the best available on the market, the new normal

Japan's Top Runner program is setting regulatory requirements as an efficiency performance standard for a wide variety of products sold in Japan. The officials test all of the products currently available in a category, determine the most efficient model, and establish that model's level of efficiency as the new baseline.