Live Green Toronto

The Live Green Toronto initiative helps neighbourhoods and citizens reduce their climate change impacts at the local level by promoting sustainable practices. As well as providing support (advise/consultancy) and informing about available grants, it organises engagement events aimed at raising consumer awareness. Citizens can also benefit from a scheme offering discounts on green products and services in the city, promoting sustainable consumption.

Regular supply of biofuel for aircraft

Using biofuels in aviation is now possible. Karlstad Airport has a new refueling station for jet fuel, which will contribute to reducing the environmental impact from aircrafts.

Procurement policy on goods distribution services for the Växjö region

Växjö municipality has reduced their environmental impact and cost by coordinating all consumer goods purchases through a consolidation center with joint distribution into the Växjö region. The purpose is to create a standard practice and inspire Swedish colleagues to set sustainability requirements for purchasing.

Improving energy efficiency in transport and logistics operations by reducing fuel consumption.

Axfood conducts food retail and wholesale trade and has an approximate 20% share of the food retail market in Sweden. Retail business is conducted through the Group’s wholly owned Willys and Hemköp chains.

Axfood’s mission is to reduce their climate impact by 75% by 2020. A number of measures are being implemented to this end including eco-efficient driver training accompanied by incentives and  bonuses for drivers who reduce fuel consumption.

Provision of bicycle hiring infrastructure for citizen mobility around the City of Paris

The City of Paris created bicycle rental facilities for citizens in order to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. Individuals can take bicycles from the nearest pick-up station and drop them to any other nearby station within the City.

Procurement of Eco-Innovative Catering – INNOCAT

INNOCAT – Procurement of Eco-Innovative Catering, aims to encourage responsible purchasing by bringing together a group of public and private buyers to publish a series of tenders for eco-innovative catering products and services. The aim of this project, supported by the EC Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), is to help encourage eco-innovation in the catering sector by providing a sizeable launch market for new solutions.

Green Pre-commercial public procurement at the Stockholm County Council
By acting as technologically demanding first buyers, public procurers can drive eco-innovation from the demand side. In addition to improving the quality and sustainability of public services, this can help creating market opportunities for companies and their innovative and sustainable products and services. The Stockholm County Council actively uses Pre-commercial Public Procurement (PCP) to improve its public transportation and other services while reducing environmental impact.
Innovative Electric Buses in Vienna

An Urban Development Plan for 2025 has been established by the City of Vienna. As part of the plan, a sustainable transport policy has been put in place with the goal of reducing the amount of motorised transport by 20% by 2025. Therefore, the City is making significant changes and introducing a more sustainable transport system.