Motiva Group: a state-owned specialist in energy and material efficiency

Motiva Group is an expert company owned by the Finnish state promoting efficient and sustainable use of energy and materials. It offers energy auditing and counselling on energy efficiency agreements, material efficiency, renewable energy and international cooperation for various stakeholders such as industry and SMEs, the public sector, schools and private households.

Generation of electricity by the movement of people and vehicles on a designed pavement surface

Waydip is a start-up firm based in Portugal which is engaged in technological research and development to improve energy efficiency in transport. The company has developed a system that can be implemented on pavements to capture the kinetic energy produced by people and vehicle movement, and transform it into electrical energy.

Improving energy efficiency in transport and logistics operations by reducing fuel consumption.

Axfood conducts food retail and wholesale trade and has an approximate 20% share of the food retail market in Sweden. Retail business is conducted through the Group’s wholly owned Willys and Hemköp chains.

Axfood’s mission is to reduce their climate impact by 75% by 2020. A number of measures are being implemented to this end including eco-efficient driver training accompanied by incentives and  bonuses for drivers who reduce fuel consumption.

Elforest - electric hybrids pioneers in the sector of large industrial vehicles.

Though successful in many transportation sectors, there has not yet been a major break-through for electric hybrid technology in large industrial vehicles. The company Elforest has entered the market with an innovative electric hybrid concept which helps to reduce some of the challenges of this segment of vehicles.

INNOV’R – boosting eco-innovation in the French Rhône-Alpes region

INNOV’R is an ongoing call for projects that awards grant funding to businesses of the French Rhône-Alpes region seeking to implement eco-innovation projects. Since the support to business was launched in 2008 over 237 projects have benefited from public grant partial funding for R&D with in total 14m Euro in the form of grants and repayable advance public funding for R&D and demonstration.