Streamlining Small Hydro Power Applications and Planning in England and Wales

The Environment Agency of England and Wales introduced a new streamlined process to speed up the complex planning process for small hydropower plants. Through online sharing of relevant data, and providing support and advice to developers, the agency granted licenses for 65 new schemes in 2010, compared to only 10 in 2008. 

Public availability of an online construction/demolition waste catalogue in Spain

The construction/demolition waste catalogue program is managed by the Spanish Ministry for the Environment in collaboration with CEDEX (Spanish research and experimenting center for public construction). The program aims  to use such waste as a raw material for sustainable construction.

Eqosphere – a collaborative web platform battling against (food) waste

Eqosphere is a collaborative web platform in the French Ile-de-France region that aims to revalorise surplus products (e.g. food) and waste produced by supermarkets, factories, restaurants, public services and others, by creating links with stakeholders who then help use, reuse, redistribute or recycle products via charitable associations or the waste management industry. 

System for improved energy performance and indoor environment in buildings

A quality assurance (QA) system is an important tool for all building owners to use when retrofitting multi-story houses with the aim to improve the indoor environment and energy performance. The QA system enables an organization to retrofit and manage multiple requirements across across the retrofitting process of a large number of dwellings in a systematic and controlled way.

Online tool for sharing, swapping and selling abandoned products

Netcycler is an innovative networking website for online sharing, swapping and selling products within the Netcycler community. Members can list items (electronics, toys, clothes, kitchen items, furniture etc.) for free sharing, barter trade or selling.