Procurement policy on goods distribution services for the Växjö region

Växjö municipality has reduced their environmental impact and cost by coordinating all consumer goods purchases through a consolidation center with joint distribution into the Växjö region. The purpose is to create a standard practice and inspire Swedish colleagues to set sustainability requirements for purchasing.

Collection of agricultural scrap reduces waste streams from the agricultural sector

Through a unique insurance solution and close collaboration with a Swedish insurance company, farmers can easily get rid of agricultural scrap and hazardous waste. The waste is collected in the countryside once a year and then recycled. The aim is to increase recycling and reduce waste streams and environmental impacts.

Reduce the energy consumption in Supermarket refrigeration systems

As the share of chilled foods on the European market increases, the Swedish company ENRAD has developed a new technique to reduce the energy consumption from supermarket refrigeration. The new system offers an opportunity for supermarkets to reduce their climate impact while lowering costs.

System for improved energy performance and indoor environment in buildings

A quality assurance (QA) system is an important tool for all building owners to use when retrofitting multi-story houses with the aim to improve the indoor environment and energy performance. The QA system enables an organization to retrofit and manage multiple requirements across across the retrofitting process of a large number of dwellings in a systematic and controlled way.

Stirling engine technology

The Stirling engine is a unique technology that is efficiently used when converting gas and solar into heat and electricity. In recent years, the Stirling engine has seen a resurgence as the market has many benefits such as its flexibility to run on any available heat source. One unique application is in the conversion of gas and solar energy into heat and electricity. Since the stirling engine does not rely on internal combustion, it can be powered by low-grade methane gas that is today just being flared or released right into the earth’s atmosphere.