Plastic waste reduction scheme for sustainable tourism in Cyprus

A sustainability charity teamed up with a tourism company to help reduce plastic waste in the Cyprus by setting up a sustainable strategy in hotels. Changes such as no longer giving out bottled water, or straws, resulted in a large reduction in the amount of plastic waste generated, in addition to positive impacts on both costs and guest satisfaction. 

Production value chain optimisation for Valmora mineral water

One of the main challenges for Valmora, a mineral water company, was to convert its production chain in order to obtain a more green and eco-friendly process. Through an integrated three-step process, the Italian company was able to makes changes to considerably reduce its waste production and carbon footprint

Life cycle-thinking and eco-design: reducing packaging waste and carbon footprint

Supported through the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) innovation voucher scheme, C-Tech Innovation worked with Halen Môn to redesign their product packaging, using an approach informed by life-cycle thinking. This method helped identify a solution that reduced not only material use and carbon footprint but also realised significant cost savings. 

Supporting SMEs in developing their eco-innovation capacities

ResilieNtWEB developed a sustainable eco-innovation toolkit for SMEs to develop their capacities in setting up a sustainable strategy for resilient growth. The tools help the SMEs to scan and identify issues which require action, find commercial opportunities at the local and/or international level and draw up a programme of innovative actions to bring them to fruition in a sustainable way

Product/process innovation to reduce negative and enhance positive environmental, social and economic impacts

The German company Henkel has developed a Sustainable Consumption Index that supports the identification of opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint of products/processes and to add value to the life cycle of all of its new products.