Bulky Bob’s: a better way to manage bulky waste

By contracting Bulky Bob’s, a social enterprise, municipalities in the United Kingdom have drastically reduced the amount of household waste going to landfill. Bulky Bob’s provides a dedicated collection service for large items, such as furniture and white goods, after which it finds the best solution to either reuse or recycle these items. As a result up to 65% of this waste is diverted from landfill.

Waste reduction, recycling and re-use of domestic appliances

EEESafe based in Swansea, Wales (United Kingdom) aims to establish a certification scheme for appliance engineers and EEESafe Centres. People wishing to donate their reusable appliances can notify their nearest EEESafe Centre by phone or online, and the centre will arrange for the collecting of the device. Once collected, appliances can be repaired and resold, or used for spare parts. Appliances that are beyond repair might contain valuable raw materials such as copper and gold that can be extracted.