DiGeSPO – micro Combined Heat and Power Innovative compact devices for residential and commercial buildings

DiGeSPO has developed a small thermodynamic solar system based on innovative concentrated solar power (CSP) and Stirling engine technologies. The resulting device aims at providing electrical power, heating and cooling for houses as well as residential and commercial buildings. Also, the system will be integrated in an architecturally acceptable manner and with low visual impact.

Stirling engine technology

The Stirling engine is a unique technology that is efficiently used when converting gas and solar into heat and electricity. In recent years, the Stirling engine has seen a resurgence as the market has many benefits such as its flexibility to run on any available heat source. One unique application is in the conversion of gas and solar energy into heat and electricity. Since the stirling engine does not rely on internal combustion, it can be powered by low-grade methane gas that is today just being flared or released right into the earth’s atmosphere.