LIVEDIVERSE (LD) is a new approach to find ways to improve water-based livelihoods, while at the same time protecting biodiversity. LD has identified the relationships between different forms of vulnerability (ecological, socioeconomic and cultural-spiritual) and presented these relationships in a managing support Geographic Information System (GIS) software tool for the four target cases of study in developing countries.


Environmental sustainability is becoming an increasingly vital part of daily business. To monitor the impact of business operations on living and non-living natural systems including ecosystems, land, air and water, Environmental performance indicators (EPIs) can be used. EPIs can evaluate the environmental performance of an organization, product, or service, and provide a firm basis for future targets and improvements. Companies often request Environmental Performance Indicators (EPIs) from business partners – and similarly respond to such requests – in order to incorporate these in reporting and decision-making processes.


BIOSCORE is a decision support software tool for managing, through data analysing, possible impacts of changing environmental variables on biodiversity with the ultimate aim of helping to halt the loss of biodiversity in the EU. The project considered those policy instruments that have a direct or indirect impact on biodiversity and covered key areas such as agriculture, forestry, energy, transport, environment and urban development.


LiMaS WebSuite (LWS) is a web-based software tool for Eco-Innovation support, which allows its users, through an easy data analysing approach, to determine the environmental performance of a product, including: simplified Life Cycle Assessment (LCA); analysis of the compliance with relevant environmental legislation; monitoring of hazardous substances; prioritisation of the environmental aspects of the organisation and analysis of alternatives for environmental communication, labelling and eco-designing (e.g. eco-labels). It is focused on Energy Using Products and/or Electric and Electronic Equipment.