The Integrated Environmental Health Impact Assessment System (IIEHIA) System is an online tool for helping people to carry out their own integrated environmental health impact assessment. The IIEHIA system is mainly intended for policy makers, in order to improve decision making by applying better methods of assessments. Additionally, this portal can be helpful for establishing clear principles and approaches for integrated assessment of environmental health issues, helping other stakeholders like students or assessors.

The Toolbox comprises three sections. A Guidance section provides information about the integrated environmental health impact assessment, explaining its concept, constitutive steps (issue framing, design, execution and appraisal) and methodology (for each of the phases).

In addition, the portal provides a Toolkit with several resources:

  • Links to external datasets regarding different aspects about context (population, background health status, and geographical data), environment (agents, sources, releases, etc.), exposures and effects or impacts of these agents.
  • Models and methods for the different analysis which are required for carrying out this integrated assessment.
  • Examples and case studies of integrated environmental health impact assessment, also including examples for carrying out different analytical procedures needed (e.g. population and emission modelling, impact analysis, etc.). The following examples of full integrated environmental health impact assessments are provided:
  • Changing ambient UVR and future melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer in London, Rome and Helsinki
  • Impacts of waste management of municipal solid waste (MSW).
  • Integrated assessment of heavy metal releases in Europe environmental health.

Finally, this portal gives access to an Integrated Assessment Platform for running analyses at different sites and carrying out collaborative assessments. It brings together all the tools needed for addressing the full chain for health impact assessment of Community policies. This Platform has not been developed under the INTARESE project, but is provided by the HEIMTSA project consortium, and linked through the aforementioned portal.


IEHIAS - the Integrated Environmental Health Impactinfo Assessment System